palombella rossa

Palombella Rossa poster, (Nanni Moretti film), water polo
“Palombella Rossa” poster.

This photo was taken during a film shooting in September 2005 in Roma. Palombella Rossa is a film which dates back to 1989. The poster was used as part of the scene which was taking place on Via dei Serpenti.

I don’t know if it was a scene for a new Nanni Moretti film or it was just a reference to those years.

You could see a few images from this film and other Nanni Moretti films could be find here, including the scene “Marca Budavari marca Budavari marca Budavari marcalo marcalo marca Budavari!!”. (Imre Budavari is a huge water polo player who was playing himself in the film.)

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