I am Oğuz Karaesmen. Ogo is a nickname that my childhood gang had chosen and which is accepted by nearly everyone that I know until today…

I live in Barcelona. ogomogo.com is my personal web space where I share photos and links.

I’m one of the founders of Zula Brewing Collective. Our first commercial brew, “Hoppala! India Pale Ale” is available in several stores in Barcelona. In the past I created & worked for several internet startups such as  LookRemix.com, social fashion startup, Sanalika in spanish, social virtual world, Yogurt Technologies (Yogurtistan), Mobil8, and Nextenso.

I have no relation with any gadget or a can of oxygen or a bunch of algae etc. However, some decide to use “ogo” as a brand. You can read about some of these producs branded as in Greta’s blog.

Until summer 2006 I was blogging on different pages and this page is my intention to unite all of them under one domain making use of a proper blogging tool like WordPress… (ogomogo.blogspot.com, chapuzon.blogspot.com in spanish, atmasyonspekulatif.blogspot.com in turkish) Until this blog is fully functional you could visit those pages.

As this is a personal weblog, I might publish whatever that seems interesting to me. But it is more possible to find here lots of photos & images, links & notes or articles about : , , related issues.

Normally I blog in turkish, spanish and english and I don’t aim creating 3 versions for every post. I know this might yield difficult reading my whole blog. Sorry !

If you have something to say on any post that you find here, please leave your comment… I will be more than happy.

If you want to contact me, you can contact me through my contact page.