Open air multi-layered advertisement technique (by RJCP » ¿Qué se anuncia?)

visit RJCP.ORG - Nescafe - Eveready combined multilayer wall advertisement, Istanbul RJCP while strolling around istanbul he chanced upon this curious large wall advertisement. 🙂

He asked himself questions like if this is a nescafe-eveready partnership to promote an energy drink and so on…

I am not sure that if this novel and complex idea that could be defined as open air multilayered advertisement would become very common, although it has substantial advantages like letting companies share paint costs and even the painters! Two birds in one shot !!!

You could follow this link (which is in spanish) and visit his page and see a higher-resolution version of this image and more : RJCP » ¿Qué se anuncia?

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