Tv on mobile phones ??

Although the marketing efforts and fuss made on 3G services are again so hot nowadays –with christmas and new years approaching– , it seems TV on mobile phones could become a reality not through 3G networks , but digital video broadcasting with digital terrestrial TV capable devices !

According to, “the momentum behind DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcast – Handheld Standard) seems unstoppable.” and the project to start commercializing the services in 2006 is being considered in UK.

The whole idea seems to be far more conventional, considering the existing projects on digital terrestrial tv undergoing in several countries and it is promising the consumers a better pricing scheme than current 3G services. ( business as usual, adding services and functionality to mobile phones go hand in hand with promising miracles like wap, 3G, then 2.5G, then again 3G… :p )

Until then I will go on driving my Peugeot 205 and using my Philips Savvy phone !

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