Easy mobile phone portability in Spain

If you have a mobile phone line contract that you want to end and you don’t want to lose time waiting for a call-center worker sorting things out what you might consider is making a portability from your contract to a pre-paid mobile phone deal. In order to end a contract you might need to send a certified-fax (burofax) which costs itself nearly 24 euros. Then you might need to wait for several weeks that your wish should procede until your line is cut and the contract ends. I have read on some forums about some cases that lasted several months. This is boring.

On the other hand, as I’ll explain, making a portability was the best solution for me when I decided to end my contract with Yoigo 10 days ago. And it worked even better than what I was expecting. I have chosen to move my line to Simyo, as they don’t have any monthly extra charge for pre-paid users. (Yoigo charges 6 euros every month. If you charge your line with 10 euros of credits and don’t use it in 2 months your 10 euros would be disappearing. Stupid.)

Anyways, the process was easy. Simyo has a foolproof online sales process which yield things convenient. I have applied through their page on 21st of August and in less than 10 days things were sorted out. (It costed me 10 euros but they turned it back as a credit on my line.) I didn’t have to call any customer service call-center. I received 3 sms messages related to the portability process and shipment. The contract ended and I still keep my number. I have 10 euros credit to spend and afterwards I’ll probably let it go.

This process could be repeated even if you change the company names. I have chosen Simyo because I wanted to avoid Orange, Vodafone and Movistar and I was unhappy with Yoigo’s 6 euro monthly charge. You should check with the company that seems nice to you if their online sales platform permits you start mobile phone portability process and if they have rational pricing policies.

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