Bionic eyes become a reality

Today while I was giving a glance on Engadget, I have find an interesting article: “Bionic lens to debut in the next half-decade

I have always thought since my childhood that having bionic eyes is pretty intriguing. Any one who have watched 6 million Dollar man would probably think alike.

Dante Cesa of Engadget, the author of the mentioned article that according to Professor James Wolffsohn from Aston University in the United Kingdom imagines that within the next decade, the cure to near- and farsightedness will not only exist, but will actually be within reach. Beyond the concept what makes that this is possible is because they are also working with some opthology companies to commercialize the whole concept.

Without any doubt this is a good news with people with eye problems and for blind people. The possibility of combining the bionic lenses/eyes with other type of computer technologies would also make a great contribution and would yield to new advances for people with eye-problems or for professionals like doctors, pilots who might receive additional information about what they see. The potential is endless and advances in nanotechnology and nanoscale fabrication techniques would make possible the creation of these kind of advanced bionic eyes.

Bionic eyed modern Cyclops would replace all concepts previously appeared on comics or movies like Terminator, Bionic Woman

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