about Atmasyon spekülatif and other blogs in my neigbourhood

I started another blog in Turkish. It is called “atmasyon spekülatif”. “Bu.” is going to participate to this new one also.

I also designed a new template for Atmasyon Spekülatif which is tidier than Ogo’s Attic. I would try to optimise it and make it work smoothly and laterwards I would be changing the face of Ogo’s Attic.

Here is the link:
Atmasyon spekulatif , atmasyonspekulatif.blogspot.com

We will see how I will deal with both of them. By the way my wife started her weblog also. It is El Rincon de Greta and it would be full of recipes ! (This one is in Spanish..)

Also Martin Mystere is lately busy with some professional projects but he is about to make a come back to blogging. A new design for his blog is also on the production line. We will see when I could do it. Of course, sooner it is, better it will be.

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