Photos and notes – Tenerife

We are back in Barcelona… now it is the turn of Bam,the blogkeeper to and spend some time hanging out with its pals, for instance in a volcanic island ..

I am uploading a few photos from Tenerife island to justify my absence.. Briefly, we had pretty good time.

Tenerife is one of the seven islands forming the Canary Islands. There are lots of things to do and places to visit. Being a known spot for massive tourism, it is surely not the same what it was… and as far as I am concerned it is not known to be the best protected of all the Canary Islands neither.

Teide mountain -the highest mountain in Spain with 3800 metres- is an impressive volcano beautifully forming the silhoutte of Tenerife..

Skirts of Teide are surrounded by rocky slopes, some other volcanos and valleys and it is known as lunar landscape and full of lava formations creating unusual and dramatic scenes..

Allover the island there are banana plantations (except the buildings that optimistically we filter out in real-time !) and on the north coast, which seems greener they have wine production especially around Orotava valley and Tacoronte – Acentejo villages ! The reds that we tasted had a peculiar taste and they were easy going that we liked so much.

Here are some photos :

The view of Teide volcano as seen from the town center of La Orotava. In the old district of the town there are old Canarian mansions and houses dating back to 17th century, and it is probably an ideal place to observe architecture of the early hispanic period.

Some views from the Parque Nacional de Teide, with the volcano itself and all the lava formations and desertic landscape !

Dramatic cliffs of Los Gigantes. Ugly urban traces are cropped out !! The scene is still beautiful.

Mazca village is a very well protected and pictoresque point of Tenerife thanks to a very narrow,curvy and steep road. It is inside Parque Rural de Teno.

Sierra de Anaga. It is totally the opposite corner of Parque Rural de Teno. Beautiful landscape where the mountains and the ocean prefer to have a serious clash ! The photo is made from pico del ingles.

With Dorada -most popular beer in Tenerife- inspiration is endless :p This is the christmas labeling of the brand with 3 kings !

And a canarian mermaid watching a fisherman`s boat…!

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