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New LookRemix video – “Otoño a tus pies”

We published our new street style video. You can take a look at our fashion content blog and read some more details about the production: LookRemix | Otoño a tus pies, tengas estaciones o no. LookRemix “Otoño a tus pies” from LookRemix on Vimeo….

LookRemix was in Paris!

We made a quick excursion to Paris and shot some new stuff. What is nice is that our launch is cool and these works would also be part of our initial content after the launch. Here is a teaser image with a few photos of Elise in front of Tour Eiff…

A Look Story

You can take a peek to the complete version of “A look story” at . You’d also be able to preregister to our list which is getting longer. ;)This week we launched Turkish and English versions of the first version o…