Acrobat – toothbrush

  • My friend and designer Kunter Sekercioglu of Kilit Tasi Design (Istanbul, Turkey) created a new set of toothbrushes called “Acrobat”. Very simple and wise design decision helps increase the toothbrush hygiene.

    acrobat - toothbrush - kilit tasi

    “With the unique and patented body structure, which also gives the toothbrush it’s name, the “Acrobat” balances on the rim of the toothbrush holder instead of resting inside the cup. This structure allows for an increased hygiene by preventing toothbrushes from touching each other.”

Acrobat - toothbrush

Acrobat - toothbrush by Kunter Sekercioglu

Acrobat - toothbrush - Kunter Sekercioglu

For any inquiry you can contact Kilit Tasi Design.

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