make gDesklets work on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn 64bit

I am happily using Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on my Dell Inspiron 1501 laptop which came with Vista as the default OS. If this is your case, don’t hesitate and get rid of Vista!!! I am sure either Ubuntu or some other linux distro like Pardus, which is also great, would yield better results on your computer than Vista…

(I have to mention that the amazing blog called “Ubuntu on Dell Inspiron 1501“, created by redDEAD, is the unique one stop guide on installing Feisty Fawn 64bit on Inspiron 1501. It helped me a lot in overcoming some small issues like making Beryl work and so on.)

Anyways, until yesterday I was having an issue with gdesklets which was not working at all. Although I don’t really fancy so much eyecandy stuff, they don’t really harm anyone and I like trying them for sake of saying that I tried it and reporting it to my friends like RJCP and Martin Mystere… Basically, it is not a to be or not to be situation for me.

Like lots of people having Ubuntu installed on their 64bit processor PCs I was having that problem which was the gdesklet installing correctly without indicating any dependency problems or so but crashing without even able to load the list of desklets available when I started it. The log file was not giving any clue for Linux dummies like I am!!!

But suddenly Dizzi appeared with a solution that made gDesklet work and he published it on the Ubuntu bug forums where he uploaded a tweaked package of gDesklets: gDesklets on AMD64 Feisty will not start/work – Dizzi’s proposition

This package solved my problem and it works perfectly. It is worth trying. Meanwhile I will start populating the StarterBar and find out if some gadgety desklet else that might add some spice and funcionality on my Ubuntu desktop.

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